Huawei G750-U10 Update Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Download

Huawei G750-U10 Update Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Download for your device. This is an amazing tool that you can everything work this solution to use like as remove pin lock, pattern lock removes, Pin lock remove, IMEI problem, hang on log etc. It is simple software. Using this software we can easily do the work. This tool is a totally free download that can be easily used. We have provided the latest version of this link on our web page, anyone can download it from.


Huawei G750-U10 Update Firmware Download Link:

Huawei G750-U10


User Password: huawei19

Huawei All Firmware Download Link


How To SD card firmware update

1.Power off the mobile.


2. Change boot configuration to boot from the internal EMMC.

3.Join the Android firmware images in the root of the FAT format microSD card.

4.Connect the serial adapter cable to the console port. A serial cable is also from the adapter to the development PC.

5.Exposed a serial connection to the serial port. Which the ConnectCore 6 connected. Use the following settings:

Port: Serial port to which ConnectCore 6 SBC attached

Baud rate: 115200

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bits: 1

Flow control: None

6. Switch on the mobile. Press a key in the serial terminal to stop the auto-boot process. You will be stopped at the U-Boot bootloader instant.

7. Update the U-Boot image:

Follow the command to update the U-Boot image:

=> update about MMC 1 fat <u-boot-file>.imx

Reset the board to boot into the updated U-Boot. Press any key to stop the auto-boot process.

Reset the U-Boot environment to default values. To do so, follow this command:

=> env default -a

Configure the network and TFTP settings on your ConnectCore 6 device. Save the configuration.

8. Arrange the partition table of EMMC to hold Android images. To do so, follow these commands:

=> setenv mmcdev 0

=> run partition_mmc_android

9.Update the kernel image by following the command:

=> update boot MMC 1 fat boot.img

10. Wait for the process ends. Update the Android file system image by following the command:

=> update system MMC 1 fat system.img

11.Wait for the process ends. Update the recovery follow the command:

=> update recovery MMC 1 fat recovery.img

12.Wait for the process finishes to force the format of cache and data partitions:

=> bootargs_once=”androidboot.cache=format”

13. Boot the device by following the command:

=> boot


If the cache and data, partitions are already formats. Or you wish to preserve their contents, you can skip the step 12.

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• Take a back of everything if you are going to flash the above firmware on the smart phone device. Because it’s a chance to delete the personal data after flashing the stock firmware.

• To check the new firmware, you can go to the ‘’ settings -> About Phone ->Check Firmware’’. You can find the new destination of the firmware.


How to Hang On Logo Solved

Step 1: Make sure that the tablet is actually powered off.


Step 2: Now Press the power and the volume up buttons together until you see the startup logo on the screen.


Step 3: You can see the logo, release the buttons and allow the device to enter the system recovery mode.


Step 4: Next use Volume down button and to get the “factory reset” option when in recovery mode the “volume up” and “volume down” button.


Step 5: After you have selected the “factory reset” press the power button to select that option.


Step 6: And now press the power button to hard reset the phone.