Infinity Nokia BEST update v:2.12 released

USB Flashing improved
Flash Engine updated
Boot Repair Engine updated
Boot Repair now support more models
Lumia WP8x V1:
RM-822 (Lumia 920)
RM-893 (Lumia 925)
RM-943 (Lumia 625)
Lumia WP8x V2:
RM-1041 (Lumia 735[Verizon])
RM-1062 (MS Lumia 640XL[SS])
RM-1066 (MS Lumia 430[SS])
RM-1067 (MS Lumia 430[DS])
RM-1072 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1073 (MS Lumia 640[DS])
RM-1075 (MS Lumia 640[DS])
RM-1077 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1109 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1113 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1114 (MS Lumia 435[DS])
RM-1115 (MS Lumia 532[DS])
For activate new models – need download and install latest Lumia Repair Package from support!

NaviManager updated
Database revised
All latest Lumia, Asha and MTKx firmwares included!

Stuff files updated
Some bugfixes and improvements at all


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