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Today, we are going to give you the essential information of this tool and we will also provide you the download link to this tool. At the same time, we will inform you about its features. The download link will be at the bottom of this article. I suggest you read the whole article before you download Miracle box crack 2018, and it will help you fix your phone easily.

Miracle Box Crack

What is Miracle Box crack?

Originally, it is a tool that you have to buy, that means it is a paid tool. But we always like to get things free and that’s why the original tool has been cracked and gave us free access. Generally, this is a tool that comes up with a box but you will get Miracle Box crack without box as it’s a free version.

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Miracle Box is a simple tool which is specially made for China phones. It also works with some Brands too such as, a smartphone like Samsung, Blackberry and so on. Even, it also works with feature phones. You will be able to flash your phone, fix the IMEI, lock/unlock your phone and many stuff. Look at the features of this tool and that will give you the idea what this tool is capable of.

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Features of Miracle Box Crack

This tool has come up with multiple features to solve multiple problems. Some of the best features are given below:

  • Easy to download and install
  • Totally free to download
  • Compatible with all windows versions
  • Multiple tabs for different phones
  • It doesn’t require to flash to repair IMEI
  • It can read and write the Firmware of your Phone
  • It can unlock pin, password and pattern lock
  • Unlock network of MTK 65xx based phones
  • USB and Pin finder connectivity
  • Reset factory reset protection (FRP)
  • Virus remove option
  • Flash your phone
  • Advance option available to format
  • Works on Samsung, Blackberry, and other brands
  • Works on CDMA phones
  • Works on SPD based handsets
  • Works on MTK based smartphones
  • Support Coolsand CPU
  • All in one solution of Chinese phones

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What is this tool capable of?

This tool is capable of taking multiple actions towards your phone. You can rely on this tool to fix your problem. This tool involves fuzzy logic technique which allows it to fix all the Chinese phones easily. Let’s know about some of the special features of this tool.

Samsung Odin Tool

Repair IMEI

You can repair the IMEI of your phone with the help of this tool and you won’t need to flash your phone separately for that. This software can repair IMEI of a bunch of phones. We need to repair our IMEI most of the times when we flash our phones because after flashing the phone, the IMEI gets invisible. You can have your own IMEI and also the IMEI that given by the phone company. Remember, in some countries changing the IMEI is illegal so you had better use the official one.

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Flash your Phone

Whether it’s a Chinese feature phone or a smartphone, this tool will help you to flash your device. Sometimes, we need to flash our phones because using the phone for a long time it gets jammed or starts to hang and many other problems. By flashing the phone, we can get rid of the problem. Your phone will seem to be almost new after the flash.

It can Read your Phones Firmware

Whenever we go to flash a phone, because of a misstep our phone often get dead. At that moment, the original firmware of the phone can only save our phone and nothing else. Now, the question is where can we get them?

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In every phone, the phone company includes the firmware and the miracle Box Crack will help you read the firmware and backup on your computer. Later on, if your phone gets dead, the original file will help you to get it back. So, whenever you are going to flash any phone, never forget to read the firmware.

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How to Download and install the Miracle Box Setup

  1. Download the tool from the provided link below
  2. You may need to extract the tool as it might come as a ZIP or RAR file
  3. Open it with a Rar Extractor like WinZip or WinRAR
  4. Place the tool where you can access easily
  5. Connect your device through a USB cable to your PC
  6. Enjoy the access and fix your problems

Update Version 2018 V2.54: Download Link

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