Winstar W200 MT6260 Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Download

Winstar W200 MT6260 Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Download . Its number is increasing day by day. However, still, the most people of the world use a feature phone. It is quite apparent to face any kind of problem with your feature phone. We are here to give the solution as well.

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You can face problems like Auto on-off; Phone might get hang most of the time, etc. You might also need to Read the flash file, write the flash file, remove pin lock, remove screen lock remove privacy lock, unlock your phone, flash your phone. You might also need to fix your dead phone as well as format your phone. You can fix all these problems with the help of a box as follows:

  • Miracle Box
  • Volcano box
  • Avenger Box
  • GSM Aladdin Box
  • CS tool dongle
  • CM 2 dongle etc.

Here, I will talk about How to flash with Miracle box & how to flash with Volcano Box. Just go down below to know the process.

How to flash SPD with Miracle Box

To flash your SPD With miracle Box, you have to go through some steps. You just have to follow them as I say carefully. Through this process, you can unlock your phone as well as read and write.

Open Miracle Box in your computer

You will see an interface with a lot of options

Look down; you will see Phone pinout, click on it

Another interface will come. At the right side select Read status

In the Chip select option Select SPD

Then click on apply

After doing all these, tap on the apply The process will execute

Then a flash file will come which you have to save to your computer wherever you want. I prefer save the file in the desktop creating a new folder.

This part is to unlock your phone

  • To unlock your phone, Select File unlock
  • Then Click on Start Button
  • Now, select the flash file from the place you saved that
  • After that, select RD unlock
  • Now, click on Start Button again
  • Wait some time, and your phone will be unlocked successfully

How to flash MTK with Volcano Box

To flash your MTK with Volcano box, there is MTK tab available. However, you should choose Mstar Tab Instead of MTK tab. Because On normal MTK tab Volcano Box Detect RX TX. However, On Mstar Tab Volcano Box detect USB USB Pins D+ & D- that is why you required selecting Mstart boot to find for MTK USB method.

  • Connect Jig to cable properly
  • Now, Connect Power from the main cable to Phone
  • Then, Select Mstar Tab from Volcano Box software from your computer
  • Click on Read Flash or Write Flash or Format.
  • Press and Clutch Power button at the same time from phone keyboard
  • Click on Run
  • Wait for a bit, and it will do the process


Thank you for reading the whole part. I hope you will be able to flash your feature phone through successfully. Don’t forget to share us your experience in the comment section. Take care and spread the goodness.


Hardware version:CA00
Software version:0000
Internal version:8000
Boot downloading complete!
Flash ID: 00EF004000180000
Flash Type: SF_W25Q128CV
Chip Capacity: 0x1000000(16MB)
Baud adjust…complete.
Flash reading complete!

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